Who we are

About Peer Point WHO WE ARE

Started by Daniel OʼMahony and in 2011. We saw a growing need for businesses to catch up with new technology. The last decade, especially the last 5 years, have brought vast changes to the way modern businesses can operate with greater speeds, lower prices and more Cloud solutions.

This 'Cloud'

The 'Cloud' concept is not new. It has been with us in other different ways - for example Hotmail has been a cloud e-mail service since email took off many years ago. The 'Cloud' concept has grown in direct proportion to our capacity to use high speed connectivity with centralised services that require ultra reliable big bandwidth.


Peer Point has had over 20 years of experience with corporate networks and large ISPs (Internet service providers) and we have lived and researched best practice iin both business and technology. We can offer both consultancy and connectivity to the “new” Internet, connected business to make sure moving to the cloud is pain free and adds value to your network.

Customer Service

At Peer Point Internet we have a flexible approach and believe that customer service is 100% the top priority. Our support incorporates a custom design for specific needs and incorporates different services such as design teams.

Can do Attitude

We deliver what we set out to do. We offfer point-2-point lines and IP-transit for end users from 1Mb/s to 10Gb/s. Our broadband solution has the ability to hook directly into your MPLS cloud.