Business Broadband / xDSL

Why choose our broadband packages?


We employ no firewalling, traffic shaping or port blocking on our network. Despite these additional features we still offer fantastic deals at competitive prices. For example, business broadband prices start from just £18.00 per month and are available to small and large businesses alike. A range of speeds are available to suit every user from 12Mbps and even up to 24Mbps lines (depending on availability and distance from exchange). We don't supply routers in the price but our expert technicians can recommend a router for your requirement and have one to you for the time your line is installed.

Static IPs

Always know where your connection is! With a static IP, or multiple IPs available, you are able to run services on your connection and always know the address to connect to. Very useful for any type of servers such as email, ftp etc.

Set your own reverse DNS

Our packages allow you to set your own PTR, or reverse DNS records, on your IP addresses. This means that when someone sees you connecting to their service they will see your own choice of name rather than our generic one.

No firewalls, filters or traffic shaping

Unlike some providers, we do not employ any firewalling, traffic shaping or port blocking on our network. This means you have a clean Internet connection unhindered in every way.

Custom Network

Looking for ADSL connections to your cooperate network without VPN hassle. We can provide termination of your xDSL lines straight into your network using the IP addresses you wish. This offers great benefits to companies that don't want the hassle of looking after the xDSL network but need flexibility.


Contact Us

If you wish to know more or need help with your selection process please feel free to call us and speak to an advisor. You can contact us via or phone 0203 519 6599.

We would be happy to talk through your requirements and make the best recommendations suited for you.