Peer Point supports several diverse deployment requirements:

On-Premise Backup Server with Remote Replication

This is a very common deployment scenario among large companies. An On-Premise backup server is installed in each of the customers’ site. These On-Premise backup servers replicate to a common offsite Replication Server managed by the Peer Point in our public cloud. On-Premise server makes backup and restore faster. The offsite replication server serves as a fall back server for restores when the On-Premise server is not available.

Backing up directly to Offsite Backup Server

When the number of machines to be backed up per customer is less and necessary network bandwidth is available, it is probably easier to have them directly backed up to an offsite Peer Point backup server. The offsite Peer Point backup server can then be configured to be replicated to a Peer Point replication server either in the same site or a different location.

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