Internet Connections

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We provide broadband via BT and O2 networks into our core systems. You can use this as your primary connection or as backup to another service that you take from Peer Point Internet.

Core network Flow

We don't do traffic shaping, port blocking or any cacheing systems. This means we deliver you the best service free from any congestion. Read more


Reverse DNS

While Email use has grown for business communication, over time it has also become more subject to abuse and spam. Most companies and ISPʼs find methods to limit spam mail that is accepted. One of these measures is to check that the reverse DNS matches the sending connectors name.

Leased Line

We utilise many networks in the UK to offer the best service at the right price. We offer connections from 1Mb/s to 10Gb/s to your location in the UK carrying our high quality Internet, normally delivered by Fibre and copper. Read More


If your looking to connect at 1Mb/s or 10Gb/s we have a solution for you. Being connected to multiple data centres a simple cable run is all you need. Peering with multiple networks at high speed low ping times and short hops are a thing you expect.Read More

Contact Us

If you wish to know more or need help with your selection process please feel free to call us and speak to an advisor. You can contact us via or phone 0203 519 6599.

We would be happy to talk through your requirements and make the best recommendations suited for you.