Peer Point have solutions for you from 1Mb/s to10Gb/s or more,


What is a IP-Transit?


IP transit is IP connectivity between you and the rest of the world. Being connected to multiple data centres, a simple cable run is all you need. Peering with multiple networks at high speed, low ping times and short hops, are the high standards you can expect whether you use your own 'Ripe' range or IP addresses that we provide.


BGP (border Gateway protocol)
is what ties 'the Net' together. When using BGP your router will be able to download the full routing table or send a default originate so your networks can then be advertised to the rest of the network. This way you can then control the networks advertised and be able to control the routes you are sent.

  • Sessions with multiple routers
  • Control your own network
  • Multiple Diverse routes
  • Shortest path selecting


Static Routing

When static routing service is taken we handle all the routing for you. This is for customers that do not have the expertize or do not wish to manage their own routers.

For IP addresses we can provide you with a usable block of IP addresses or you own allocted IP range.

  • No experience required
  • No routing equipment needed
  • Use your own allocated space


Premium Routes

We peer with many other networks such as, LINX, Cogent, LonAPP, EQUINIX, France-IX, DE-CIX, AMS-IX and many more. We aim  to offer the shortest best quility routes. This will keep pings low and through put high, so running your VOIP or gaming servers make this the perfect choice.


We can offer IPv6 routes via BGP or static routes.

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We would be happy to talk through your requirements and make the best recommendations suited for you.