Leased Line

slider pic2What is a Leased Line?

A leased line is a dedicated internet connection with very low or no contention ratio meaning you donʼt share your connection with others - as you do with broadband. The line is run to your work location to provide fast Internet access for both servers and staff. Your full line speed is available, uncontended, at all times allowing fast and stable access straight to the Internet without bandwidth caps.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for leased lines are more exacting than those of broadband circuits that include guaranteed resolution times should a fault occur.


UK Leased Line Availability

As a UK-based ISP, Peer Point Internet are able to offer leased line connectivity with speeds of 1Mb up to multiples of 10Gbps (full duplex) nationwide. You may either purchase the full bandwidth available over the circuit, commit to a data rate billed on 95th percentile (to allow for bursting) or opt to have your line capped to a fixed speed in order to control costs.

In order to connect to  your premises a network supplier will be chosen (from providers such as Virgin Wholesale, BT) to provide a dedicated point to point connection to the nearest point of presence. All circuits are monitored by Peer Point Internet and the telco 24×7 and any loss in service is immediately escalated.

Whilst most connections are Internet leased lines, point-to-point connections are also available, including Metro Ethernet service within the UK and the rest of World.

Pricing and Quotes

Prices differ very much depending on location and speed required along with redundancy. All our quotes are bespoke for your exact requirements, so why no call us!

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