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Looking for a service that will carry voice, video and data on the same network? One that’s secure, flexible and reliable? You’ll be happy to know that our managed IPVPN provides all that, with the superior performance you need for those really high priority applications.
Working closely with industry leader Cisco, our IPVPN service is based on MPLS networks. Put simply, IPVPN with MPLS enables you to prioritise bandwidth for different types of traffic so that low priority traffic won’t get in the way of the important stuff. And it grows to keep pace with your organisation’s demands in a way that no other technology allows - without requiring any additional equipment.

Key features

•    Our managed IPVPN is a proven and robust solution that will satisfy even the most demanding customers across their LAN and WAN
•    It provides up to eight Quality of Service (QoS) Classes - the UK’s most comprehensive offering - and the ability to change bandwidths without changing billing.
•    Our QoS schemes can also cover ADSL access options into IPVPN, which means that latency-sensitive traffic such as VoIP gets a smoother ride.
•    Our IPVPN offers you the UK’s widest range of access solutions, giving you more ways of balancing speed and resilience to suit your business.

Bring it all together

IPVPN (Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network) with MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) is a cost effective, secure and fully managed network service that allows you to connect your sites, wherever they are. The benefit? By converging voice, data and video traffic onto the same network, with IPVPN you get the security of a VPN but with superior performance.
IPVPN also means that you can improve efficiency and save costs over traditional connectivity methods, such as Leased Lines while being able to support the latest technologies, such as IP Media Where Leased Lines become progressively more costly as the number of sites and the distance between them increases, by bringing it all together, IPVPN offers the same performance and security for much less.

Remote working

IPVPN extends your network to distant offices and remote users, saving call charges when dialling into the business.

Flexible access bandwidths

Easily tailored to your specific business needs with a range of bandwidths, access options and features. Want to introduce new sites, change access bandwidths or move sites? Easy - and without the high costs or delays to be found elsewhere.


Bandwidths grow hungry. It’s a law of nature. And delivering extra bandwidth and flexibility as it’s needed, with the minimum of fuss, is one of the key strengths of IPVPN with MPLS. Our managed IPVPN solution, created in conjunction with industry leader Cisco, is based on MPLS networks. We were the first in the UK to provide specific prioritised classes of service for voice and video traffic. We’re also proud to be one of Europe’s first companies to launch an MPLS based IPVPN network offering multiple Classes of Service (CoS). This means that our scalable IPVPN enables you to prioritise bandwidth for different types of traffic, so that low priority traffic won’t get in the way of the important stuff.

Access solutions

We’re sure you’ll agree with us that business has never been so demanding. Happily, IPVPN offers a range of access solutions, ranging from ADSL, through to ultra high speed Ethernet, and provides options to enhance the resilience of IP connectivity at a site. This, combined with the secure ‘any-to-any’ nature of our MPLS network, makes our managed IPVPN solutions the most reliable and cost effective package for you. There you have it.

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