VOIP (Voice Over IP)

Call Plans

We have call plans to suit all - from low usage to a call center, with multi extensions. We work with you to make significant savings over your current setup, choosing from some of the best rates available anywhere – to you.


We have access to geo numbers (such as 0203) and non geo number (08XX). This enables you to get the right access for you and your company. Our know-how cuts through the confusion of current choices on offer. The non geo numbers can even go directly to a phone on our network and these can terminate to almost any number from a wide variety.
If you looking to have a world number (geo number from another country) this is something we can help you with. This allows a person in another country to call you without having to pay expensive international rates.

Sip Trunking

Like ISDN you can select how many inbound channels you need for concurrent calls. We allow you and guide you to select how many lines you need - even increasing 1 at a time. With over a 60% saving per channel over most ISDN providers, this is one great benefit in taking sip trunking.


If you don't want the hassle of looking after you own PBX but need one, we have something for you. Our Virtual PBX will give you all the functionality of a normal PBX but it is in our cloud and supported by us. This creates large savings on users between 1-50 as you won't need trained staff to manage the system. The system offers IVR's, Hunt Groups, Voice Mail, Schedules, inter-company calls and more.

Due to the system being in our cloud not all the users need to be in one place or even in one country for that matter. As long as you have a sip phone and an internet connection the service is usable (some countries have local laws that forbid VOIP).

Online Billing

Via our online portal you can logon to the reporting system. On here a list of what numbers and when are called plus what they cost. Enabling the ability to budget of find out what call was to long etc.


Using our broadband network we offer a dedicated connection to your office for voice calls. These lines can take up to 80 concurrent calls per line offing the same quality as your used to. The broadband offers cheaper line costs when compared to ISDN or PSTN network thus offering a further saving over other networks.

Contact Us

If you wish to know more or need help with your selection process please feel free to call us and speak to an advisor. You can contact us via sales@peerpointinternet.co.uk or phone 0203 519 6599.

We would be happy to talk through your requirements and make the best recommendations suited for you.